Monday, April 19

What internships !!!

Thanks to Naagu for this amazing buzz !!!

Baba counting time to go home..
Dude whistling over csk win.. btw he is supremely ** :P
kedia working on bigg reports
jeeva busy with long novel type buzzes
Debu busy transforming ..
Das busy drinking with the boss..

n me writing this buzz

What internships we've got!!

Ritz is tired and bored
bhaVIT is on the phone
manav is busy in mood swings
Nitin is suffering from copied status msgs n naukri
Abra is invisible but workin
Rana is flying and his mentor is out for this month
Swarno is being grilled..
Pradeep hindi seekh rahe hai
Girish is recruting from IIT and IIM!!
Freethala is not free on saturdays!!
Uppu anna's gmail is banned
Joshi has 15 days of training..

and again What interships we're having.. :) !!

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