Friday, November 6

A Mother's KISS and Assembly Languages

In class today, a group was presenting on the topic "VBA and Macros"

VBA and Macros?

Ya. VBA and Macros.

Anyways, as any Computer Science or IT guy will tell you, High level languages are converted to Intermediate Languages, which are then converted into Assembly Language and then finally into machine language.

For example, the statement "Hello World" would be written like printf("Hello World"); in C++.

It would look something like pop ax, push bx , shift ah in Assembly Language

And then it would look like 01110001001011110001001001001010100100101111101001 in machine language.

But this is the only language a machine understands. And apart from a very VERY few, we don't understand it.

Back to today.

My friend Harsh said:

"Imagine a baby is crying. If the mother comes and says, 'Baby, Don't cry, Don't cry, your crying is hurting me and I love you a lot, so taking that into consideration, please don't cry', the baby will not stop crying. However, if the mother holds the baby close to her heart, a lot more is understood by the baby because the mothers hug, warmth, and probably a kiss is something the baby understands.

"Now imagine the baby is a computer. For it to understand what you want, you should be able to communicate with it on a level it understands. Hence, your high level language should be converted into machine language"

Beautiful. This process had been explained at least 50 times to me before in my life. By M.techs, Phds and multiple Doctorates and post doctorates and what not. But no one, NO ONE ever explained it to me like that. NO ONE.

Readers of my last post will know I am a critic of the education system. This is one more reason why. We spend so much time in complexities that we refuse to accept simplicity.

Simplicity. KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid.

Why do we go past this always? Is it something to be proud of when we intentionally confuse people by trying to show off our intelligence? Would it not serve everyone better if we, instead of confusing, actually tried to make people understand? Use of jargons, complexities and technical terms is good when you want to create a separate hierarchy in society which you find yourself fit to be in, along with a group of 'elite' people you would like to be associated with. But is that good?

Look at the bigger picture guys. Just because you're on the higher side of the divide does not mean you have to extend it. I'm not asking you to surrender all your wealth. Wealth is not the only type of social divide. To satisfy our egos, we want to be 'a class apart'. We want to be at 'a higher level'.

Enough with our egos. Don't get rid of your wealth, don't get rid of your pride, don't get rid of your sense of justice, but PLEASE try to get rid of the negative aspects of your ego.

Do not divide society into classes. We will not be able to survive.