Monday, March 23

War and Peace (and maybe some Pain)

If someone asks me what I gained from college life at VIT, (s)he would be in for a shock.

So, without further ado, in no order of preference whatsoever, we have
  • Ability to mug up large amounts of information (actually its just data, it never made any sense)
  • Realizing that not studying for term end exams (yes, I mean Data Structures, Object Oriented Analysis, Network Administration, Multimedia, Graphics, Decision Support systems, Management Information Systems, Web Services,etc... ) helps you score more marks and be at peace with yourself, all at the same time.
  • A certain someone (for those of you who think you know who, you're wrong; for those of you who don't know, you're right)
  • A great appreciation for music and the musicians in VIT
  • Dota ( Yes, I mentioned it )
  • And ..... Naruto
The capers of a young orphaned ninja hell bent on becoming Hokage.

Oh ya, if you have no idea what I'm talking about,  visit

Read all 440 chapters.

Then get back to this post.

Naruto is pure awesomeness.

You have everything you could ever want.

However, for the select minority for who the above statements do not hold true, I shall go into a few details.

Naruto lives in a world which is torn by war. And in this world exist 9 Bijuus, or demons, each one having a number of tails ranging from 1 to 9.

Most of the Bijuus are trapped inside human containers called Jinchurkis. Naruto is one such  Jinchurki, and he contains the 9 tailed demon fox.

Now, fast forwarding through the story, we have Naruto meeting a character called Pain. 

Pain is a relic from the past. He too was orphaned and trained under the same master as Naruto, Jiraiya. And his main objective was to capture all the Bijuus and use them to make the most destructive bomb known.

Pain, as can be figured out from his monologues, wants peace. Now why would someone who wants peace create the deadliest weapon known to man?

According to pain, love breeds hate. When you lost something you love, you get hurt, and seek revenge. So, if there are two parties involved, what might be seeking revenge for one party for something that they have lost, would be losing something for the other party. Now, the second party, trying to seek revenge, would cause a loss for the first party.

This is where my active reference to Naruto ends.

Life is indeed a vicious cycle.

What is good for someone will invariably be bad for someone else.

Now where do we draw the line and say enough is enough?

Do we, like Pain, try and create something (in his case a weapon) which when used will scare everyone into loving everyone else? Do we, a cultured species, really need demonstrations of what can go wrong to scare us into submission for our own good?

I have tried to find an answer to the above question.

And till now, I have failed.

I know I generally do not post serious topics on my blog. So, I must apologize to everyone for this post.

But, if you feel you can help me answer this question, please do so in the comments section.

Think of it as a personal favour to someone who just wants to know the truth.


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