Tuesday, June 23

Why my display pic will not turn green anytime soon.

Why should a display pic turn green, you might ask.

Well, I'll tell you.

Or actually, millions of tweets (Twitter messages, for those Twimpaired) will.

It's supposed to give us a sense of brotherhood with the Iran rebellion.

Or are they calling it a revolt now?

Who cares.

Well, apparently a lot of people do.


To show that we are united with the revolters of Iran, we are supposed to add a green overlay to our display pics.

If anyone reads this, which i doubt they will, I would like to tell them beforehand that I don't disrepect the revolters. Please do not misunderstand this post.

I have full support for any form of rebellion. Or atleast for the right to do so.

What I do not, however take too kindly to, is other people, from other countries, who have no idea about the political situation somewhere else, apart from hearsay, egging on and fuelling revolters.

The fact of the matter is, people in different places think differently. Feel differently. And live life differently.

What might be right for me, might be wrong for someone else. What might be a basic freedom for me, might be an unimaginable travesty of justice for someone else.

I believe in freedom. Of thought. Of speech. Of action. So, I have no issues with other people if they feel differently from me, even if it is about the same freedoms mentioned above.

We should not butt into Iran. We should not blow oxygen onto the fire. The reasons will be apparent in the days to come.

We want to globalize the world.

We think that globalization is a good thing.

Well, the entire world being owned by big oil corporations is not really the type of world I want to
live in.

No disrespect to those who do.

This is one more reason why I wont be turning my display pic green.

I feel, deep inside, not that I am anyone to feel such things, that the U. S. of bloody A is behind this revolt. To overthrow a govenment why they deem not favourable. To replace it with a sypathetic government which can sell oil cheap and give lots of construction projects.

But lets not get into that now.

I feel for the people in Iran. I empathize with them.

If they want change, they should have change.

But, going on a massive revolt being egged on by unmuted bystanders the world over, is not the type of change any of us want to see.

If they want change, they should know what exactly it is that they want to change, and how they should change it.

Not just ride on a tidal wave of emotion.

Fuelled by external sources.

This is very unfortunate.

Let the people in Iran decide on their own war for freedom.

Twitter was created to be the peoples media. So that people could trust a source of information that was not 'corrupt'. That was not altered or hindered by unjust means. That was pure.

Don't become that which you sought to remove in the first place. I beg of you, Twitter. Don't.