Monday, July 27

Education in India.

The following is a report of the presentation by our group on Education in India.

Given the topic of education in India, our group came up with a lot of information on the state of education in India. However, what struck us the most came from personal experience. We are all products of the system. The system of education of education in India is not one which promotes free thinking, analytical thinking, expression of opinions and last but not least intelligent rebellion.

The system we are parts of cuts us up into tiny pieces and then polishes us up just to be other cogs in the machine. We are not given a chance to change the machine, let alone create something new. The education system in our country squashes dreams and ambitions by calling them too far-fetched and impractical. If one is not given a fighting chance, it is obvious that fulfilling dreams will be hard to do.

The system we have gone through in the most part consists of mugging up facts and figures to mechanically reproduce them on paper during the exams. This is sad because nothing is taught to us for the sake of gaining knowledge. Instead, the focus is on exams (as exams are the take away), and how to manipulate the system. And exams in this case are not correct evaluators of a person’s capabilities, skills, dreams, ambitions and talent. We feel that the education system in India needs to change.

We know it is very easy for us to sit here and complain about how everything in the world is wrong. However, we are not here to complain, but to change the system. Change the way education is viewed in India. And we can start only if we are willing to accept that something is drastically wrong. When was the last time a renowned philosopher was produced by India?

The onus on extracurricular activities is practically not there in India. Nor is there any onus on freedom of thought. The freedom of thought is an intrinsic right. However, the way the system breeds us in India, we tend to believe what we think is our own expression. What we feel from inside. However, it is far from the truth because our way of thinking is very heavily influenced by the system.

The system of education needs to change and it is up to us to change it.