Thursday, December 4

What now?

Everyone knows about the attacks in Mumbai. Much has been written about it.

I'll cut right through it. Till the part which begs, "What now?".

Something similar happened in America 7 years back. As most of us know, they went to war. With whom? Well, everyone. We all know where it got them.

So what do we do? Do we go to war?

I know many people who want India to go to war. With whom? With Pakistan, of course. Why Pakistan? Because its obvious they did it.

I agree. Its obvious they did it. Like it was obvious the Afghanistanis did it. And after that, the Iraqis.

Many of us condemned the American war on terror. Now that we are on the receiving end, we are prompt to justify our own war on terror. Not to mention that India is in no way prepared to go to war. Not even with the Maldives. No disrespect.

I know its a tough task, but we must not let our emotions spill into reason.

You may think that our country might be considered weak if it does not respond in kind. I beg to differ. A strong country is one which, in troubled times, can see reason. Clearly.

Let us take a moment. Pause. Think. And then, decide.

Saturday, November 29


To be honest, this isn't my first attempt at a blog. I tried to start a blog 4 years back, but after 2 or 3 posts I got so bored that the idea went up in flames. In the flames of disinterest.

This, however, should not be the case this time.

If you are jobless enough, you might be wondering as to why I stole the title of the blog from a common phenomenon in physics.

Well, here goes....

Total deals with the fact i shall write about all that affects anyone. At least, about all I can. At least about stuff that affects me. At least, about stuff that affects me and that i care to write about.

Internal implies things close to me, my views on different topics that I never thought I would share with anyone.

Reflection, in this context, deals with how it effects me and how I might react to it.

Till my next scrap.