Thursday, April 29

Sourjyo's World

Something I wrote just over 4 years back. Brings back a lot of wonderful memories.

The Sun drowns itself in the murkiness of space,
The Earth turns away to hide its face.
The races it breeds at such great pace,
Things have started going out of phase.

Before you know it, mothers gone,
You didn't do the right, you did the wrong.
Now do you realize it won't be long,
She was the one who could sing this song.

How do I know what life truly is?
I'm singing songs of eternal bliss.
You walk along, strain to hear the hum..
But its gone.. No it won't come.

The bull and the bear are sold in the market,
The deafening clutter, the unbelievable racket,
Running fast in this make believe world,
Far away from Nature's man.

We have become slaves to ourselves,
We have become slaves to Man,
we have pricked ourselves in our spines..
We didn't know where to draw the line.

How do I know what life truly is?
I'm singing songs of eternal bliss.
You walk along, strain to hear the hum..
But its gone.. No it won't come.

Tuesday, April 20

Masti ki 'Paathshala' – The Review that wasn’t

The Vigilidiot Sahil Rizwan does it. The GreatBong Arnab Ray does it. Paan-waalas all over India do it. So why not me?

Yes. I will be writing a movie review. Now take it and go.

On the 17th, Baba (Lavneesh for the uninitiated) decided to take the Delhi Chapter of IIMSPGP09 (TomBua, CR-ni, Charra, Harsha, BoloManav, Dood, Bagla, TurnOver and me) out for a movie at Spice World in Noida, it being his birthday. So doing something that I don’t even do for work, I woke up at 7:45 and travelled all the way to Noida from Lajpat Nagar. To watch ‘Clash of the Titans’. Or so I thought.

I reach there and find out that they have already purchased the tickets. To Paathshala.

A small disclaimer: I don’t really like Hindi movies. So the review might be biased.

The movie starts with a scene introducing Shahid-anna as an English teacher who takes up the job of a teacher at SVM. Patekar-Nana plays the part of the typical good-guy-who-looks-bad-but-turns-out-to-be-good-by-the-end-when-you-can-see-through-the-plot-so-easily-it-makes-you-feel-like-puking-as-if-anorexia-was-your-dope. Shahid’s acting is worse. And about the extras, don’t even ask.

How to make a movie?


2 Movies to abstract plots out of (TZP and 3I)

1 Good Actor (Shahid Kapur)

1 Washed-up Actor (Nana Patekar)

1 Cute Actress (Ayesha Takia)

2 Cute but seriously challenged actresses (oh if only I could call them actresses … Prreti kopikar and Shraddha Arya)

Young kids pretending to act (add to taste)

1 Impaired script writer

1 Seriously Impaired director


Take all of the above. Pour them in boiling oil. Let them burn to death. Scrape off the dead skin. Present according taste. Put in a beautiful bowl.

Serve with celery on the side.

I just realized I suck at writing movie reviews.

Sahil and Arnab have talent. The paan-waals definitely have talent. I give up. Just like in the movie hall. I can’t do this anymore. Go watch the movie. It will give you a new perspective on life.

We wasted 80 bucks per head. The Mumbai chapter wasted 170 per head.

How that one for you?

Monday, April 19

What internships !!!

Thanks to Naagu for this amazing buzz !!!

Baba counting time to go home..
Dude whistling over csk win.. btw he is supremely ** :P
kedia working on bigg reports
jeeva busy with long novel type buzzes
Debu busy transforming ..
Das busy drinking with the boss..

n me writing this buzz

What internships we've got!!

Ritz is tired and bored
bhaVIT is on the phone
manav is busy in mood swings
Nitin is suffering from copied status msgs n naukri
Abra is invisible but workin
Rana is flying and his mentor is out for this month
Swarno is being grilled..
Pradeep hindi seekh rahe hai
Girish is recruting from IIT and IIM!!
Freethala is not free on saturdays!!
Uppu anna's gmail is banned
Joshi has 15 days of training..

and again What interships we're having.. :) !!