Saturday, January 2

A Song.

This song.. is a song for you


Hope is all I have.

Because I don't have you.

I wait. I wait. I wait for you.

I know I can't sing,

thats why I read out your song for you.

You don't care. Why should you?

Cause the truth is, I don't know what I want to do.

How can I tell you how I feel about you?

I can't.

I don't know.

How much I care about you.

I know it's a bit weird, but what can I do?

Just wait and wait.

oh yeah.And wait.

And maybe wait a little bit longer.

Try and act a little bit stronger.

I know its boring, but what else can I do.

I may be out of tune, but its how I feel about you.

Yeah, I know. Sad.

I know I'm crazy. I know you're not.

Your radiant eyes proves too strong an allure.

The moonlight rushes down your hair, like a river flowing untamed, wild,

Careless and carefree, at the same time.

As if just for me.

I don't wanna quote Elton John.

But this is your song.

Tides ebb and flow. So do my feelings for you.

All that you are, is a thousand times enough for me.

Poems don't do justice to you.

Your eyes.

My heart skips a beat or two.

My lips sing out of tune for you.

But what do I do??

I'd give up a lot for you.

I'm scared.

I know I am.

And I'm not scared.

Of admitting that I'm scared.

I don't know what I want.

I don't know what you want.

I try to gather up some courage.

To tell you how I feel.

Something about you.

Makes me want to wake up early every morning.

Something about you.

Makes me do a little dance with my two left feet.

Something about you.

Keeps me alive in this mess.

Something about you.

Is something I need.

My feet skip a beat or two.

Now i should leave.

With an unburdened soul.

Sleep well, Good Night.

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Yuvraj said...

Nice one!! but, why so serious??

sLuDGy said...


Priyanka said...

OOOOOOOoohhhhhh! Now I see!